Watch “Utilizing astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues” on YouTube

Using astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues.

Mars is in Aries which are creating hard aspects to Mercury retrograde, and the Capricorn stellum that is Pluto Saturn Jupiter and Pallas.

Not to mention black moon lilith just entered Taurus, which is associated with greed, debauchery, stubbornness and unrelenting POVs.

This is the astrological recipe for a huge HOT MESS.

Political Astrology Prediction: Trump Wins Reelection

My 2016 prediction for the US POTUS election was my first attempt at Political Astrology. Therefore the video is pretty crude and amature but here is my original video predicting Trump the winner of the US 2016 Election.

Trump Analysis 2016 published March 16 2016, the majority of the video is analysing Trump’s behavior (astro-psychology has always been my forté)

In my 2016 video I mention Trump will serve likely one term due to potential assassination attempt(s) but if were to survive he’d be re-elected.

I’ve also mentioned in my Instagram, other YouTube predictions featuring mundane or political Astrology that there will be a significant “red wave” in 2020 due to the substantial influence of the Capricorn stellum.

Here’s my latest Prediction for the upcoming 2020 US Election.

I’m anticipating an overwhelming Trump victory as well as more GOP seats in the congressional branches. The Red Wave US Politics 2020

Check out my tarot predictions on the outcome of the Senate and house majorities for the 2020 US election on my blog too.



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Identifying Trauma Signatures in Astrology

What is a trauma signature in Astrology?

A trauma signature in astrology equates to your “vices” and how those manifest to abusive levels in your behavior/ personality.

How do you read the trauma signatures in your natal chart?

A trauma signature is indicated by particular points in your chart and the aspects involved with those points. You must use the medieval technique recognizing that house=signs=rulers. The 1st house isn’t simply the 1st house, it’s the Aries house and it’s controlled by mars. You can equate any house to the sign that rules it, and to any planet that is it’s lord.

The astrological trauma signature formula is simple. Aquarius. When I say Aquarius that represents the planet ruled by Aquarius which is Uranus (or Saturn ancient ruler) and it rules the 11th house.

So any planets in the 11th house, any planets in the sign of Aquarius and the house Uranus is located are all ‘trauma’ signatures.’ Any aspects from these points correlate with how the trauma manifests in your life.

And why is it important to understand these signatures?

There are numerous benefits to understanding this signature in your chart, besides ‘knowing thyself’ you can recognize where you’ve had some disruptions in your development. Which those disruptions can overall impact your emotional and mental well-being. You can also see where you’ve been abused in your life, and how you abuse others.

EVERYBODY HAS THIS SIGNATURE, everyone has their own Vices as well as Virtues.

So understanding this signature is a major step to self-awareness and healing. Which is something I think a lot of people need to do in this current time…with all the chaos going on right now the best way to utilize all the retrograde planets is to look inward, be more conscious of what’s going on, understand your role in it, see how you can improve the current energy dynamic.


Independence Day Eclipse and the fate of BLM & ANTIFA

The recent lunar eclipse will have drastic implications on the unrest going on throughout the US.

There will be the birth of a counter culture to the initial counter culture.

Meaning the black community that is being marginalized and victimized by the #blacklivesmatter bullshit movement is now going to begin to speak out more assertively about how the movement isn’t actually helping anyone.

The crackdown of ANTIFA and their supporters will begin to happen as well.

The Pluto Jupiter Saturn Capricorn stellum with its hard aspects to Eris in Aries birthed a massive power struggle.
That struggle has resulted into the sociological chaos now ongoing.

Once Saturn entered Aquarius that triggered the chaos to escalate.

And now with all those planets retrograde aspecting this recent lunar eclipse the power struggle is again shifting. In this case it will represent damage control and past due karma.

Damage control served by government and citizens alike. And all I gotta say is God help the idiot Marxists (BLM demonstrators) and the anarchists (ANTIFA demonstrators) if de-funding the police happens.

One way or another this eclipse will signify the uprising of backlash to these bullshit movements from the country as a whole.

Astrology of Ghislaine Maxwell’s Arrest

Ghislaine Maxwell’s natal chart.

That lunar eclipse happening on July 5 2020…will be CONJUNCT HER MERCURY in the house of self secrets.

If she doesn’t “die” than her testimony will reveal all and incriminate EVERYONE involved.

Examining the chart further here’s my thoughts;
The lunar eclipse transit to GM’s chart.

Its difficult to say whether this would translate as a death signature or an end.
The lunar eclipse will be in an orb conjunction with her sun and her mercury.

The sun-eclipse conjunction translates as a death signature.

The mercury-eclipse conjunction with Neptune retrograde could translate to an end to her “silence” or secrets because it’s in the 8th house.

Also interestingly enough the 4th house is medieval astrology symbolizes the cause of death. Uranus in her 4th house would indicate an abnormal even sudden death. Ruled by Virgo, the nerves, digestion, and depositor is mercury (health) it may insinuate if her death is in fact staged it will be from sudden illness.

I can’t remember the direction or aspects of Neptune when Epstein “committed suicide” but I just have this feeling with Neptune retrograde that the attempts to snuff out GM won’t be as easy as Epstein.

Part 2

Follow up post about the latest developments with the Epstein case.

I concluded from Ghislaine Maxwell’s chart and the upcoming transits that it was difficult to say confidently if it was indeed a death signature.

So what better way to compare potential outcomes than to Jeffery Epstein.
Since Jeffery Epstein died in jail, obtaining the ETA of his arrest would reveal the events of his arrest.

I used time stamps of the first breaking stories of his arrest on July 6 2019 and then rewound the time to the next available death signature in a future house.

The chart labeled JF is his arrest timestamp. Neptune was retrograde at the time meaning his potential testimony would be damming, fortunately for those who would be incriminated by such information, there was a Jupiter-death signature conjunction in the future 11th house. The death signature funny enough also being in the 11th house would insinuate his death was not self inflicted. If it were I would anticipate the death signature to be in the 5th house.

Other aspects to consider (knowing Epstein would never be able to reveal information on the developing case)

Neptune retrograde is a signature of revealing conspiracy and secrets. There was a square with the Jupiter-death signature to Neptune, signifying a struggle or conflict in receiving the information.

The Jupiter Neptune square again conflict to reveal information.

Then we examine Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest chart. I used the same technique, calculated a chart from the first breaking news of her arrest. 20 hours ago from this time 930a July 3 2020 it was reported she was arrested.

Looking at the chart there’s a death signature in the future house of self.
Although that itself could signify an actual suicide attempt.

When looking at both his arrest chart and hers, Jeffery Epstein has pluto approaching the ascendant signifying death. GM does not have that signature.
From the aspects available I speculate she will survive to testify.

Prediction: COVID19 vaccine trials will be the next Tuskegee Study

“Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male[a] was a clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service.[1][2] The purpose of this study was to observe the natural history of untreated syphilis; the African American men in the study were only told they were receiving free health care from the Federal government of the United States.[3]

In the midst of the Great Depression in 1932, the U.S. government appeared to be giving away free healthcare to the African-American sharecroppers in Macon County, Alabama. There was a serious syphilis outbreak in this area of the country at the time and it appeared as though the government was helping to fight it.

However, it eventually came to light that the doctors let 622 men believe they were getting free healthcare and treatment — but actually gave them no treatment at all. Instead, the purpose of the Tuskegee experiment (a.k.a. the Tuskegee syphilis study) was to observe untreated black patients as syphilis ravaged their bodies.”


So I dug up some history, found a chart date for the PHS (Public Health Services).

This agency was responsible for offering FREE “healthcare,” which were secretly human experiments on poor negro communities in Alabama during the Great Depression.

The PHS is the same agency that oversees the CDC and is also responsible for these agencies I’ve listed below.

Interestingly enough, our favorite CDC puppet Fauci has been involved in multiple projects within these agencies.

Also from my Bill Gates research I know that he has been a direct contributor to some of these agencies projects as well.

National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) ⚠️
Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) ⚠️
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP)
Office of HIV/AIDS and Infectious Disease Policy (OHAIDP) ⚠️
Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)
Office of Minority Health (OMH) ⚠️
Office of Population Affairs (OPA)
Office of Research Integrity (ORI)
Office of the Surgeon General (OSG)
Public Health Service Commissioned Corps
Office on Women’s Health (OWH) ⚠️
President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition (PCSFN)
United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps

(FYI the agencies listed with a “⚠️” are agencies I know Fauci and Bill Gates are directly involved with.)

What does the ‘Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male’ have to do with the current COVID19 outbreak?

Transit cycles of Uranus in Aries and Uranus in Taurus.

Bill Gates patented this Coronavirus in 2015, the development of the experimental COVID19 vaccine happened during the recent Aries Uranus transit.

With the Tuskegee syphilis study the experimental vaccine intended to POISON the poor negro community was developed in 1932 also during Aries Uranus transit.

Coincidentally is two years before the Uranus transit began in Taurus. The recent Uranus Taurus transit began in 2018. Following the same synchronistic timeline.

The HORRIFIC part that I have learned through my quick research is that these experiments were created to INTENTIONALLY INFECT PEOPLE TO THEN STUDY HOW SYPHILIS SPREAD UNTREATED IN THE BODY.
10 years later…penicillin was determined to be a cure.

I have concluded Bill Gates intentions of this in my recent astrological analysis of the Coronavirus and using his solar progression charts correlated with the COVID19 event charts.
The link to that astrological analysis can been seen in the link below.

Coronavirus Conspiracy PART 2

Neptune Retrograde Jun 23-Nov 29 2020

Jun 23 – Nov 29 2020

As its no surprise to all those intune with the #SaturnAquarius energy this recent #neptuneretrograde will be very crucial to “draining the swamp.”

I’ve examined the chart for the moment Neptune went retrograde and locality is set for eastern standard time.

Here are the aspects at the moment of this transit directional change;

Neptune conjunct Mars
Neptune sextile Jupiter
Neptune sextile Pluto
Neptune sextile Pallas

Capricorn is the ascendant for this chart.   The depositing ruler for Capricorn is Saturn, the secrets revealed during this Neptune retrograde window will be regarding government laws, policies and any authorities that have committed injustice.
Any trials or investigations ongoing will bust wide open. Evidence that has been unobtainable or elusive to those who seek it will finally acquire what they seek.
More importantly this signature emphasises on corruption, with pallas in the mix.
The truth will also come out about any recent abuse of power. The information that will come out to will ultimately change the thoughts or perspective of the general public.

Guaranteeing irreversible changes.

Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn in Aquarius. Abuse of social media.

Facebook has never been this aggressive with community standards….

This is the first time I’ve been instantly flagged. I tried up alter the image it didn’t make a difference.

I tried to upload it as a picture, post and a comment all were immediately flagged.

So here’s the meme cause Facebook can’t control my blog!!

Sun Square Mars (May 17- June 24 2020)

A Sun-Mars square transit began 10 days ago on May 17th. It will continue until June 24th 2020.

Psychological influences of the transit aspects include: Difficulties with confrontational, aggressive, impulsive behavior that can result in strains on relationships.

In extreme cases there can be incidents of volatile confrontations that result in violence.

My advice is, practice basic anger management techniques and avoid any volatile situations with groups of people.