Identifying Trauma Signatures in Astrology

What is a trauma signature in Astrology?

A trauma signature in astrology equates to your “vices” and how those manifest to abusive levels in your behavior/ personality.

How do you read the trauma signatures in your natal chart?

A trauma signature is indicated by particular points in your chart and the aspects involved with those points. You must use the medieval technique recognizing that house=signs=rulers. The 1st house isn’t simply the 1st house, it’s the Aries house and it’s controlled by mars. You can equate any house to the sign that rules it, and to any planet that is it’s lord.

The astrological trauma signature formula is simple. Aquarius. When I say Aquarius that represents the planet ruled by Aquarius which is Uranus (or Saturn ancient ruler) and it rules the 11th house.

So any planets in the 11th house, any planets in the sign of Aquarius and the house Uranus is located are all ‘trauma’ signatures.’ Any aspects from these points correlate with how the trauma manifests in your life.

And why is it important to understand these signatures?

There are numerous benefits to understanding this signature in your chart, besides ‘knowing thyself’ you can recognize where you’ve had some disruptions in your development. Which those disruptions can overall impact your emotional and mental well-being. You can also see where you’ve been abused in your life, and how you abuse others.

EVERYBODY HAS THIS SIGNATURE, everyone has their own Vices as well as Virtues.

So understanding this signature is a major step to self-awareness and healing. Which is something I think a lot of people need to do in this current time…with all the chaos going on right now the best way to utilize all the retrograde planets is to look inward, be more conscious of what’s going on, understand your role in it, see how you can improve the current energy dynamic.


Sun Square Mars (May 17- June 24 2020)

A Sun-Mars square transit began 10 days ago on May 17th. It will continue until June 24th 2020.

Psychological influences of the transit aspects include: Difficulties with confrontational, aggressive, impulsive behavior that can result in strains on relationships.

In extreme cases there can be incidents of volatile confrontations that result in violence.

My advice is, practice basic anger management techniques and avoid any volatile situations with groups of people.

Pluto Retrograde; addressing Pluto Problems.

Pluto Retrograde event timeline started April 26th 2020 and will end October 6th 2020.

Pluto Retrograde important dates; April 26 2020 Stationary; April 27 2020 Retrograde; June 22 2020 (Re)Conjuncts Jupiter Rx; June 28 2020 Pluto-Pallas Rx Conjunction; July 5 2020 Pluto-Jupiter–Moon Stellum & Sun-Eris T-square; July 23 2020 Pluto-Mars-Mercury T-square; July 25 2020 Pluto grand square configuration with mars/eris/lilith/mercury/moon; Aug 22 2020 Pluto grand square configuration with mars/eris/venus/moon; Sept 24 2020 Pluto-Saturn-Mars-Mercury T-square; Oct 5 2020 Pluto Stationary; Oct 6 2020 Pluto Direct.

Pluto in Astropsychology represents the human psyche;
It is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

As other planets have specific rulerships over functions of the brain itself, the core of the brain’s function manifests through Pluto which is the origin of power, motivation and reasoning.

It represents the endless abyss of the subconscious and inner knowledge. Every lesson, every experience and every survival response we develop throughout life shapes our psyche. That is why it is important to understand the themes related to Pluto in your natal chart as well as it’s major aspects. It helps one to understand certain life cycle themes that influence your psychological perspective.

Pluto is very powerful and it’s transformative nature holds endless potentials just as our minds do, but as with anything humans are flawed and have weaknesses. Even the most powerful facet of our intellectual capacity can have moments of vulnerability.

When Pluto is retrograde in transit this is typically when those vulnerabilities surface through our behavior and thoughts.

At it’s best Pluto can inspire strength, strategic thought and assertiveness; at it’s worst it can induce fear, anxiety and doubt. When the Pluto influences are strong a person embodies a powerful confident impenetrable demeanor and when it is weak a person can display defensive, irrational and psychotic behavior.

It is important for self reflection purposes to understand how Pluto contributes to the natal self in Astrology, and it is equally important to be aware of Pluto transits, regardless if we are referencing general mundane transit themes or natal-transit-radix aspects.

When transcending your Pluto challenges, utilizing the pluto retrograde time frame is useful and important for self reflection. So during the next 5-6 months take some time to understand your pluto placement and how it influences your thoughts. During this time your pluto influences will be evident with your thoughts revolving around fear and doubt.

A great book I love to recommend for people who would like to address “pluto problems” is a book titled “Healing Pluto Problems” by Donna Cunningham.

This is ultimately one of my Top 5 FAVORITE Astrology books btw. Here’s a link if you’re interested in the book…/…/0877283982

And if you need a chart report, or would like to schedule a personal consultation with me to discuss the importance of your pluto themes. Check out my website for my rates and services.

Astrology Analysis; 116th US Congressional House

Major Aspect Patterns to Highlight

  • Black moon lilith-Midheaven-Juno T-square (1st-5th-10th)
  • Ascendant-Uranus-North Node-Pallas Grand Cross (1st-7th-4th-10th)
  • Mercury conjunct galactic center in the 12th house (12th on conspiracies)
  • Mercury-Trans pluto-Uranus Grand Trine (12th-8th-4th)

Black Moon Lilith in the 1st house

Emotional atmosphere revolved around you whether you admit it or not, when you’re unhappy everybody knows it. You either lash out or withdraw, both are equally intense and obvious. Constantly deflecting blame on everyone else for your discontent but it’s caused by your inability to compromise or let somebody else have their way for once. This is explains the attitude of the democratic majority as well as the corrupted deep state, “the swamp” as Trump would call it. This constant condemnation of Trump and anyone who cooperates with Trump, praises the current government leader’s accomplishments is all that drives this congressional caucus.

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius

Your interactions with others are abrasive, conflicting and uncomfortable. You have the desire to socialize but more so to indoctrinate your social circle rather than engage in discussion with them. You’re pretty fixed in your views and ideas. While always seeming to adopt unconventional opposing views of the standard and perceiving disagreements as a lack of support or a form of betrayal. This makes it difficult for you to compromise or cooperate when you are unable to accept differences of opinion. This defiance and narrow-minded views are the source of all your social conflicts.

My interpretation of this chart…

The United States 116th Congressional House of Representatives began January 3 2019. This chart is the ‘birth chart’ of the current democratic majority house. The past houses reveal motives or past influences that helped create this chart and the government group it represents. Past houses reveal this was retaliation and manifestation of selfish will to conspire some malefic event against the current authority now in control. (Mars-Chiron 3rd house; Hades 6th house opposing Saturn/Sun) An empty 9th house represents that they have no benefic or genuine intentions based on law, merit or honor. 12th symbolized by the conspiracy to control the current administration under the guise of righteous acts. The houses of secrets and conspiracies represented by the 8th and 12th.The present time for this 116th house; it’s influences, behavior or how it interacts with the rest of the other branches of government is revealed by the cardinal houses. Pluto-South Node-Black Moon lilith in the first house represents the actions, behavior and aims of this congressional body. Pluto conjunct the south-node represents the old establishment and traditional “deep state” structure and it’s aims to control the on-going pluto-return transformation with the United States. Black moon lilith in a t-square with the Midheaven means that their divisive actions will not go unnoticed to the public. Future houses reveal uncertainty and that the power of this congressional body will be short-lived. Neptune in the 2nd house reveals the lack of clarity and uncertainty of anything they do being permanent. Trans-pluto in the 8th house reveals that the existence of this majority was necessary to show the american public that the career political establishment has no invested interests in the general public’s well-being. The hopes and dreams of this democratic majority caucus is all revealed by the 11th house signatures. The house ruler is Scorpio reinforcing the desire to control anything venus related, money, relations, connections and luxury. While continuing to parade around this facade of righteousness and that “they know best.”

Bill Gates and his shadow organization GAVI lobbying to MANDATE toxic vaccines!

For everybody jumping on the Bill Gates bandwagon finally I shared this to my Astro Occult group in January.

The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunizations is the organization that is lobbying to MANDATE VACCINES in the USA btw…and it was founded by BILL GATES.

I’m still collecting data and researching sources, I have not yet drawn up charts. I’ll get to that eventually. But I’m FLOORED by my findings thus far and felt the urge to share some of the context of what I’ve found…

Bill Gates has done an excellent job of not only suppressing his involvement with the WHO, but also made it VERY challenging to find documents/sources for the establishment of his private organization that has the WHO board as one of it’s advisers.

The GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunization was established as an international organization. The establishment creation date was NOT disclosed on the official website, nor did any WHO websites offer any details, but after digging through endless PDFs of official documents that have to be filed to government agencies to establish an organization I FOUND A CREATION DATE for Bill Gates vaccine funding organization.

Even more suspicious the GAVI was “rebranded” in 2008 to the GAVI Alliance; the new agency had a link to the members/information about the establishment of this new organization but the link leads to a URL error…not a typical 404 but to a page that has been intentionally altered to ban any public access. FASCINATING.

Just as JP Morgan says “Millionaires don’t use Astrology BILLIONAIRES do.” And who is the richest man in the world? Arguably Bill Gates; and why would he intentionally leave out the establishment date of ALL of his projects and organizations?

Because he knows what somebody could REVEAL about his organization and it’s intentions if they had the event dates representing their establishment.

Everywhere..I looked I only found GAVI was founded by Bill Gates in 2000; then using alternative search engines I managed to find some buried sources that said it was established in January 2000, but still never found an actual date on any documents. BUT I did find on this PDF from the WHO record of when the WHO board was present at the meeting to launch the GAVI…which was July 12 1999 in Seattle Washington USA.

Here’s my thorough Astrological analysis of the charts I have graphed from the information obtained that is included in this post.

Sociological trends of Psychopathy & Narcissism

This has been a topic I’m fully aware of and have been observing, researching from a personal POV to a collective sociological perspective.

I have a thorough background in psychology as well as Astrology and I continue to incorporate mental health and psychology into traditional medical astrology theories to contribute to the holistic therapy fields which has been demonstrated by many therapists /astrologers throughout the years.

There’s many professors, social science scholars and professionals that have written about their theories of mental abnormalities manifesting from sociological conditioning and pop culture trends. As the youngest generations of society today further the extreme dependency on technology for interaction, the horrors and potential worse case scenarios of these abnormalities will begin to become mainstream.

So if you’ve noticed too the trendy psychology today articles about ‘toxic people’ ‘dating a psychopath’ ‘narcissistic mothers /spouses’ that is the confirmation that it’s definitely beyond mainstream, so what does this mean?

Well as it becomes more conditioned, cases and clinical diagnosis’ will become more common and although anyone can read psychology today or Google symptoms of these behavioral abnormalities nobody is addressing the ramifications of these personalities in a “group think” scenario. Until now…

Here’s some of my previous published youtube videos discussing this escalating sociological nightmare…

(Links below I’ll insert the video html later)

The Rise of Psychopathy in Society

The Age of Aquarius; An Epidemic of Psychopathy & Narcissism

Psychopathy in Astrology (Examining Serial Killer’s birth charts)

Also here’s some additional Vlogs & lectures on Astropsychoanalysis and Astrotheology with mental health.

Uranus with Mental Health & Trauma

Preface Astropsychology book by Rae Reinhartz

TransitTalk Psychosis caused by Neptune Jupiter opposition

I’m sure more will be added to this entry in the future. =)

Neptune trine Jupiter; cognitive-dissonance  exaggerated & now destructive. 2017 – 2018

Stories attached

Bill passed banning bulletproof glass

SJW shouts on disney ride

Latest relative events October 2018

Black Moon Lilith & the Shadow Self


The Lilith archetype in Astrology
has been one my major focals for
my research & theories with
In my opinion, it’s important to
reference the mythological origins
when understanding the
astrological chart points.


This entry will highlight all my free content

from my theories I’ve developed attributing

Carl Jung’s ‘shadow-self’ to the astrological

archetype of Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith; the shadow of the zodiac signs.

This Astrology 101 discussion highlights the shadow side of all 12 zodiac archetypes that is crucial for Astropsychoanaylsis.


To understand the

ACCURATE origin of the

archetype you have to

look to the actual folklore

where the persona of Lilith

was created.

Here’s an Astrotheology

lecture from my youtube

channel elaborating on the

origin of Lilith & Saturn in


As I mentioned the importance of referencing accurate mythology is the ONLY effective method when deciphering Astrology charts, here’s a #plutonianconfessions vlog highlighting what NOT to do, and the lack of Jewel Mayberry’s knowledge with the mythology shows.

And here’s the links to all my other Black Moon Lilith related Astrology lectures. (BTW Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn through the houses lecture is currently in the works and will be added to this entry soon!)