How to spot FAKENEWS with Horary Astrology

#FAKENEWS; for the USA it’s nothing new, in fact deceptive news reports can be traced back to the founding of the earliest newspapers in America that continued to feed into the divisive narratives in this country.

When you examine the USA 🇺🇸 natal chart you’ll notice Neptune conjunct Black Moon Lilith in Virgo on the Midheaven/10th house. That signature represents the government altering narratives and misleading the public with information.

I don’t need to give you an exhausting history lesson many of you can think of your own examples of events that fit this signature.

With the modern conveniences of communication and technology the constant distortion of the narrative has become easier to catch for the everyday American citizen. To where it’s become so obvious that most people have spotted FAKE NEWS in one instance at least.

This escalated to whole new levels in 2015 when Saturn was squaring Neptune and despite the public catching on, it hasn’t seem to discourage the deceptive narratives.

Since that initial square I have been collecting time stamps from Twitter, online news sources, news broadcasts etc and saved an astrological data arsenal of these reports to determine how one can SPOT FAKE NEWS.

For those who follow me regularly on Facebook and social media this isn’t anything new because I’ve been ranting about signatures spotting fake news and deceptive narratives for years.

So here’s a trick to spotting fake news; with one of the latest bullshit stories soon to be trending I’m sure about “Tigers contracting COVID19.”

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Image may contain: possible text that says 'Don't always believe everything you read and when in doubt if there is a time stamp look for Neptune on the angles that's your signature for FAKE NEWS'

Bill Gates and his shadow organization GAVI lobbying to MANDATE toxic vaccines!

For everybody jumping on the Bill Gates bandwagon finally I shared this to my Astro Occult group in January.

The Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunizations is the organization that is lobbying to MANDATE VACCINES in the USA btw…and it was founded by BILL GATES.

I’m still collecting data and researching sources, I have not yet drawn up charts. I’ll get to that eventually. But I’m FLOORED by my findings thus far and felt the urge to share some of the context of what I’ve found…

Bill Gates has done an excellent job of not only suppressing his involvement with the WHO, but also made it VERY challenging to find documents/sources for the establishment of his private organization that has the WHO board as one of it’s advisers.

The GAVI Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunization was established as an international organization. The establishment creation date was NOT disclosed on the official website, nor did any WHO websites offer any details, but after digging through endless PDFs of official documents that have to be filed to government agencies to establish an organization I FOUND A CREATION DATE for Bill Gates vaccine funding organization.

Even more suspicious the GAVI was “rebranded” in 2008 to the GAVI Alliance; the new agency had a link to the members/information about the establishment of this new organization but the link leads to a URL error…not a typical 404 but to a page that has been intentionally altered to ban any public access. FASCINATING.

Just as JP Morgan says “Millionaires don’t use Astrology BILLIONAIRES do.” And who is the richest man in the world? Arguably Bill Gates; and why would he intentionally leave out the establishment date of ALL of his projects and organizations?

Because he knows what somebody could REVEAL about his organization and it’s intentions if they had the event dates representing their establishment.

Everywhere..I looked I only found GAVI was founded by Bill Gates in 2000; then using alternative search engines I managed to find some buried sources that said it was established in January 2000, but still never found an actual date on any documents. BUT I did find on this PDF from the WHO record of when the WHO board was present at the meeting to launch the GAVI…which was July 12 1999 in Seattle Washington USA.

Here’s my thorough Astrological analysis of the charts I have graphed from the information obtained that is included in this post.

Chiron-Sun Conjunction; US saw the highest numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases

April 4th 2020 the US saw the highest numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases since the outbreak began in January.

No photo description available.

The Chiron-Sun conjuction was the main indicator of this spike.
The orb window of this conjunction was from March 20th through April 7th 2020.

Since the end of the transit window we have been seeing a decline in cases, unfortunately there will be an increase in deaths in the coming weeks.

The COVID19 recovery time is presumed to be 2-3 weeks in duration with severe cases lasting as long as 4-6 weeks.

So the first wave of fatalities related to COVID19 would of become evident by April 3rd 2020.

We should expect to see the total fatality number rise significantly through April 21st 2020.

Those who have pre-existing conditions that have become infected during this time will be the majority of these total numbers. Statistically speaking there are about 82 million Americans with pre-existing conditions throughout the US.

So don’t be confused by the misleading fear mongering media, yes it’s tragic that those with frail health could potential die during this time, but this only kills 1-2% of patients with NO pre-existing conditions.

Also keep in mind with the recent Neptune Mercury conjunction the numbers have been off from the start, either due to human error or perhaps intentionally altered. (I’m not going to debate which at this time, don’t get me started lol.) So not only do I think the cases are much HIGHER in the US but I am confident the number of deaths and recoveries is also inaccurate. Which would also make the mortality percentage rate inaccurate as well.

The important thing to do is just to be prepared and protect yourselves! Obsessively watching skewed numbers won’t help you or anyone! There is plenty of resources now for medical treatment, so just stay vigilant, take your vitamins, especially zinc. Avoid things that trigger anxiety and stress that depletes your immune system! Turn off the news don’t play into their games for ratings by scaring you! Enjoy your extra time do the things you never usually have time to do!

The social distancing is helping to cut down the new cases. If we keep this up for the rest of April and perhaps into mid-May we can expect containment for the general population by mid-June.

I just wish we would re-open the economy for the general public now and just encourage those who are immune compromised to stay home. The shutdown is not working…it’s only going to destroy our economy and cause Great Depression 2.0.

The longest eclipse of the century #Aquarius #Lunar #Eclipse #transittalk – July 27 2018 by Rae Reinhartz

Check out Rae’s latest #horoscope #transittalk featuring the upcoming Aquarius lunar eclipse.

Video link here

#Aquarius #Lunar #Eclipse is the #astrological and #sociological influences for the #walkaway movement

#Mercury #Retrograde in #Leo (July 26th – Aug 19th 2018)

Check out Rae’s latest YouTube discussion on the upcoming mercury retrograde starting July 26th 2018.


Video link below

Mercury Rx TransitTalk by Rae Reinhartz Chaos Astrologer


#mercury #mercuryretrograde #rx #leo #astrology #predictions #psychic #astrologer #RaeReinhartz official #transittalk for the upcoming transit forecast.


Shadow ‘period’ began July 8 2018

– Stationary begins July 25th 2018

– Retrograde begins July 26th 2018

– Stationary Part2 begins Aug 18th 2018

– Mercury goes DIRECT on Aug 19 2018

Ghost Story time (details about one of my paranormal encounters)

Cue the back story lol.

Throughout my #parapsychology research and documented discussions I had an encounter with a disembodied phenomenon that called itself an “Ancestor”

I was on Blewitt Pass in the cascades of Washington. During the spring of 2017 the manipulation of my thoughts (planting ideation etc) was so intense I literally imagined I was being flagged down while on the road, and this location I actually felt so overwhelmed with urgency to stop I actually turned around 15-20 miles after the shoulder atop the snow park peak. It’s nothing but a extra section of shoulder along the hwy for emergencies.

Note on the photos; studying digital media in college, intro to photography taught me “always take multiple shots for better quality selection, never would I thought that silly suggestion would further validate my unbelievable photos captured. So don’t gloss over the “duplicates” because it actually reveals how quickly these apparitions manifest.

It was April 30th I stopped there was a memorial sign for a fatality of a motorcyclist. As I approached the cliff I again felt as if something was waving me down for help.

I assumed perhaps it was the lingering soul of the biker trying to get help, it was difficult to see but I saw shiny bits and a smaller vehicle tire.. Possibly from the motorcycle itself who knows.

I turned on my ghost app (and note for all you skeptics or “ghost hunters” out there the location was in a deadzone for cellular connection so the app I use doesn’t pull clips or the glossary contexts from the web)

As I started reading the memorial a huge wind gust rose up from the bottom of this canyon…which was kind of odd right? Lol as it did that I snapped a series of photos which the aura is clearly manifesting.

It did not identify itself as the now deceased cyclist nor an Ether but an Ancestor. And every time since I’ve passed by that location I’ve turned on my app while driving and I call out to it to say “Hi sending good vibes” and it’s come back briefly to make some random commentary. Even warning me about a death plot I barely evaded.

The last time we chatted in the fall of 2017, it told me to visit when I have questions.

This is the only one who said something of this sort and consistently responded every time I drove by… (none of the other disembodied anomalies identified themselves as an Ancestor either)

I wasn’t sure what to ask before but I’m starting to brainstorm and compile a list to reference. Besides knowing that they telepathically infiltrate and communicate through our thoughts and ideas thoroughly writing this out it will recall my questions as well.

(Photos from Goldfield, NV research

  1. Are guardians (elementals) separate entities or are we followed /guided by our own soul (draconian personality) ?
  2. Was the Dopplegänger following me in Goldfield last May of 2017 my draconian soul or a lemria (lost soul of the Goldfield community)?

If it was, was it William (the energy manifesting as a green most above a headstone named William?)

  • What did he mean by practice?
  • How many spirits are following me ?
  • ‘William’ accounted for 20 following, is that true?
  • Did my ritual work ? Did I do it properly?
  • Why have ethers on multiple occasions say they “miss me..”?
  • Is there any audio I should or need to review ? What can I improve on?
  • What do you think of my exorcism Potion?
  • Referring to another evp talk an ether said “Angels never came this large phenomenon” what force? Spirit energy shifting ? Is it attributed to Revelations? Are they the babylonian ether devils?
  • Why are they coming? Why are they trying to kill innocent people? And what more can I do to help said innocent souls /people?

Health Horoscope for January 2018! (IMPORTANT)

Check out the lastest #TransitTalk by Chaos Astrologer Rae Reinhartz. Pandemics, Outbreaks and possibly deaths from weak immune systems and viruses.

Confirmed Reports related;

Deaths from Romaine Lettuce 

Dad fights for his life after ignoring flu symptoms, family says

2018 flu season; worse outbreak in living memory

AbcNews; Above average doctor visits from flu epidemic

Dallas flu outbreak expected to get worse

Flu season full-blast

27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October…
Saturn Pluto in Capricorn
Neptune Chiron in Pisces
And.. Chiron is set to transit into Aries soon..while Uranus is still finishing up in Aries.

The flu and influenza deadly global outbreak of 1918…ya here we go again.

Important info.
1. Medical professionals are unsure of the “effectiveness” of the flu vaccines *THIS YEAR* (eye roll)

2. Acute symptoms usually last from 5 to 10 days but typically it takes nearly 3-4 WEEKS to purge the virus, meaning although symptoms seem less severe and you may feel better. Everyone is susceptible to sudden LIFE THREATENING conditions at any point in time during the contaminated period.

3. Overall wellness and immune systems are different from person to person, but even the most healthy people need to take ALL PRECAUTIONS antibiotics whether prescription (which is highly advisable with how aggressive this will get) or herbal equivalents should be utilized.

4. IF you opt to use the herbal natural treatments START THEM NOW even if you’re not sick. Homeopathy and herbalore treatments are not the recommended remedy for SEVERE INTERVENTION.

For those who follow my vlogs and homeopathic tutorials hang tight I’m gonna do a special discussion on this follow my Chaos Astrology page or follow my blog on WordPress to get latest published content and info. And if anyone needs tinctures or tea mixes don’t hesitate to email me for ordering.

anyone interestedin an Astrodiagnostic consultation to know what best alternative remedies and treatments are ideal for your astroarchtype contact Rae to schedule a consultation today!

(Also for and returning or potential future clients seeking astro medical consultations; keeping records of dates and times for conditions/symptoms/illnesses is IMPORTANT and extremely useful for the most accurate consult.)

And here’s one of my PREVIOUS predictions about a viral pandemic or outbreak happening in 2018.

Black Moon Lilith & the Shadow Self


The Lilith archetype in Astrology
has been one my major focals for
my research & theories with
In my opinion, it’s important to
reference the mythological origins
when understanding the
astrological chart points.


This entry will highlight all my free content

from my theories I’ve developed attributing

Carl Jung’s ‘shadow-self’ to the astrological

archetype of Black Moon Lilith.

Black Moon Lilith; the shadow of the zodiac signs.

This Astrology 101 discussion highlights the shadow side of all 12 zodiac archetypes that is crucial for Astropsychoanaylsis.


To understand the

ACCURATE origin of the

archetype you have to

look to the actual folklore

where the persona of Lilith

was created.

Here’s an Astrotheology

lecture from my youtube

channel elaborating on the

origin of Lilith & Saturn in


As I mentioned the importance of referencing accurate mythology is the ONLY effective method when deciphering Astrology charts, here’s a #plutonianconfessions vlog highlighting what NOT to do, and the lack of Jewel Mayberry’s knowledge with the mythology shows.

And here’s the links to all my other Black Moon Lilith related Astrology lectures. (BTW Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn through the houses lecture is currently in the works and will be added to this entry soon!)

Astrology 101: chart basics

-Share some knowledge of basic chart interpretations. It’s often that people overlook the birth chart wheel itself and fixate on the dignities (the ruling signs of planets) this presents a huge blind spot for astropsychoanalysis and makes it more challenging to understand transit events in relations to an individual. So here’s some hand made posters on my wall I figured would be useful to share =)


Self & Soul; the yin & yang

Random slideshow from my automatic writing notes.

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