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Pluto Retrograde; addressing Pluto Problems.

Pluto Retrograde event timeline started April 26th 2020 and will end October 6th 2020.

Pluto Retrograde important dates; April 26 2020 Stationary; April 27 2020 Retrograde; June 22 2020 (Re)Conjuncts Jupiter Rx; June 28 2020 Pluto-Pallas Rx Conjunction; July 5 2020 Pluto-Jupiter–Moon Stellum & Sun-Eris T-square; July 23 2020 Pluto-Mars-Mercury T-square; July 25 2020 Pluto grand square configuration with mars/eris/lilith/mercury/moon; Aug 22 2020 Pluto grand square configuration with mars/eris/venus/moon; Sept 24 2020 Pluto-Saturn-Mars-Mercury T-square; Oct 5 2020 Pluto Stationary; Oct 6 2020 Pluto Direct.

Pluto in Astropsychology represents the human psyche;
It is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious.

As other planets have specific rulerships over functions of the brain itself, the core of the brain’s function manifests through Pluto which is the origin of power, motivation and reasoning.

It represents the endless abyss of the subconscious and inner knowledge. Every lesson, every experience and every survival response we develop throughout life shapes our psyche. That is why it is important to understand the themes related to Pluto in your natal chart as well as it’s major aspects. It helps one to understand certain life cycle themes that influence your psychological perspective.

Pluto is very powerful and it’s transformative nature holds endless potentials just as our minds do, but as with anything humans are flawed and have weaknesses. Even the most powerful facet of our intellectual capacity can have moments of vulnerability.

When Pluto is retrograde in transit this is typically when those vulnerabilities surface through our behavior and thoughts.

At it’s best Pluto can inspire strength, strategic thought and assertiveness; at it’s worst it can induce fear, anxiety and doubt. When the Pluto influences are strong a person embodies a powerful confident impenetrable demeanor and when it is weak a person can display defensive, irrational and psychotic behavior.

It is important for self reflection purposes to understand how Pluto contributes to the natal self in Astrology, and it is equally important to be aware of Pluto transits, regardless if we are referencing general mundane transit themes or natal-transit-radix aspects.

When transcending your Pluto challenges, utilizing the pluto retrograde time frame is useful and important for self reflection. So during the next 5-6 months take some time to understand your pluto placement and how it influences your thoughts. During this time your pluto influences will be evident with your thoughts revolving around fear and doubt.

A great book I love to recommend for people who would like to address “pluto problems” is a book titled “Healing Pluto Problems” by Donna Cunningham.

This is ultimately one of my Top 5 FAVORITE Astrology books btw. Here’s a link if you’re interested in the book https://www.amazon.com/Healing-Pluto-Problems-…/…/0877283982

And if you need a chart report, or would like to schedule a personal consultation with me to discuss the importance of your pluto themes. Check out my website for my rates and services. https://raereinhartz.blog/services/

How to Survive the Flu (Influenza Pandemic eta 2018-2021)

How to survive the deadly flu season of 2017-2018.

1. Nutrition and Vitamins are #1 defense

  • Vitamin A (overall immune booster)
  • Vitamin E (lung/respiratory health best way to prevent developing any type of Pnemonia)
  • Iron (diet or supplements) key to fighting infection & inflammation.
  • Vitamin C (also hot water, lemon / citrus drinks 3-4 cups daily for about 4-5 weeks)
  • (recommended) Zinc, calcium, natural salts, echinacea
  • Garlic capsules, raw garlic, garlic soup infusions etc etc. (Garlic, Ginger, Echinacea & Goldenseal are herbal antibiotic alternatives.

NOTE: (Tips /Recommendations/Cautions)

  • Goldenseal effective for purfiying/purging viral bacteria but is NOT recommended for daily or frequent consumption. Garlic is your safest bet!
  • Avoid consuming citrus /lemon teas or drinks when taking Zinc supplements, the citrus (a natural detox) flushes out the zinc and the body absorbs substantially less

2. Being aware of your overall wellness (what’s typical /normal for you, every person’s body is different.)

  • Understanding the risk factors with any preexisting conditions or health deficiencies that make one susceptible to viruses / unhealthy conditions etc.
  • Recognizing red flags /symptoms whether acute, chronic or longterm is crucial to fighting off illness and combating aggressive contagious viruses.
  • Documenting (recording progression of condition) symptoms, ailments & problems.

(Obviously not everyone is as aware of their health history to this level of detail, for those who would be interested in inquiring about medical astrology diagnostic consultation to learn more about yourself, overall health/function of your body, potential predispositions, life long health challenges along with nutritional & homeopathic recommendations customized for YOU! Check out raereinhartz.blog/services to find out more!

3. Understanding what the differences are with common viral illnesses/conditions, also being aware of the symptoms and issues attributed to each.

  • Pnemonia -Caused by bacteria / viruses and a combination of weak lungs & immune system. Symptoms:
  • Influenza
  • Flu
  • Cold

#Saturn has officially entered #Capricorn! (December 19 2017)

MarsDay December 19, 2017 the Lord of time, Saturn has now finished in Sagittarius and is now in Capricorn.

Chaos Astrology’s prediction for the USA mundane horoscope; feat. Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

For anyone who has Saturn in Sagittarius for their birthchart I’m sure you’ve been counting down this day just as much as I have, and for myself now it’s time to get serious.

(Video sourced from a livestream I did discussing upcoming transit events I am working on and just a #plutonianconfessions theraptuic session of what’s going on collectively).

And for those who have their natal Saturn in Capricorn you maybe asking yourself what does this exactly mean for me?

An educational vlog (now in the works) will be an addition to this post and avaliable for free on my youtube or facebook (either one I’ll link it here so you can find it.) about the general attributes of Saturn in Capricorn collectively but unfortunately due to the variables in each individual birth chart it is not possibly to attribute generalizations to an individual because house rulers and the major aspect patterns contribute to how saturn impacts your chart.

As an Astrologcial counselor I offer extensive analysis & talk-therapy sessions/services for those with challenging Saturn signatures. I offer saturn return PDF reports, transit calendars and diagnostic consultations. Interested in a report or a reading?

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Also don’t forget to check out my youtube channel for Astrology 101 lectures I’ve got quite a few on Saturn; such as this one,

 The Dynamic of the Self & Saturn

Live Reading by Chaos Astrology (diagnostic consultation)

Highlighting my astrological counseling style to give you an idea of what to expect in a consultation with Chaos Astrology. (Thanks to my client Carolyn for volunteering to be my example).