What they don’t want you to know about the 2018 Deadly #Flu #flushot #Influenza #pandemic

It’s no secret that mainstream news outlets cannot be trusted to provide objective facts or accurate useful information. But does the mainstream media and health organizations want to wipe out innocent people? …idk well if they do want to save lives then why are they lying? ..about the flu shot? The statistics? The synchronistic correlation with the 1918 flu pandemic? Ive been accumulating numerous informative links/sources that they don’t want the public to know about… I know that for a FACT since I was permanently banned from FACEBOOK for sharing the stats on fatalities with patience who routinely got the Influenza /flu shot.

OH! And I just stumbled upon this little gem today, un-fxxking-believable an international faction of the CDC called ANISE, an organization to collect data and distribute important information about Influenza outbreaks in Africa..THE REGION THE ANISE HERB IS NATIVE…(anise btw is a spice / herb used for thousands of years all the way back to ancient Egypt. Helps respiratory infections


Here are those other links. (List will be updated randomly as I find more)

flu vaccines spread the flu, and that so-called “herd immunity” is a medical hoax because “the herd” is actually transformed into carriers and spreaders of influenza

Flu Vaccine Particles Responsible for Outbreak?!

81 EIGHTY ONE deaths in the DFW Metroplex. I’d say we have a problem. They are always trying to force that shot on me at the homeless sheter (AKA Dallas VA) and II always refuse. Not to be sounding like a conspiracist but i cant help but.think they are experimenting on us. The CDC is using us.

6 more deaths in TX

“I think the CDC owns about 53 patents of vaccines, and folks BLEEVE this is an objective authority? Much like big tobacco telling pregnant women smoking is good for their unborn child, or DDT could be sprayed on everything (Polio).Vaccines are frauds introduced at the end of a disease cycle, the cycle ends and the fraudster take credit.”

Flu pandemic warzone in California

History of vaccine legislation

history of immunization legislation in USA

How to Survive the Flu (Influenza Pandemic eta 2018-2021)

How to survive the deadly flu season of 2017-2018.

1. Nutrition and Vitamins are #1 defense

  • Vitamin A (overall immune booster)
  • Vitamin E (lung/respiratory health best way to prevent developing any type of Pnemonia)
  • Iron (diet or supplements) key to fighting infection & inflammation.
  • Vitamin C (also hot water, lemon / citrus drinks 3-4 cups daily for about 4-5 weeks)
  • (recommended) Zinc, calcium, natural salts, echinacea
  • Garlic capsules, raw garlic, garlic soup infusions etc etc. (Garlic, Ginger, Echinacea & Goldenseal are herbal antibiotic alternatives.

NOTE: (Tips /Recommendations/Cautions)

  • Goldenseal effective for purfiying/purging viral bacteria but is NOT recommended for daily or frequent consumption. Garlic is your safest bet!
  • Avoid consuming citrus /lemon teas or drinks when taking Zinc supplements, the citrus (a natural detox) flushes out the zinc and the body absorbs substantially less

2. Being aware of your overall wellness (what’s typical /normal for you, every person’s body is different.)

  • Understanding the risk factors with any preexisting conditions or health deficiencies that make one susceptible to viruses / unhealthy conditions etc.
  • Recognizing red flags /symptoms whether acute, chronic or longterm is crucial to fighting off illness and combating aggressive contagious viruses.
  • Documenting (recording progression of condition) symptoms, ailments & problems.

(Obviously not everyone is as aware of their health history to this level of detail, for those who would be interested in inquiring about medical astrology diagnostic consultation to learn more about yourself, overall health/function of your body, potential predispositions, life long health challenges along with nutritional & homeopathic recommendations customized for YOU! Check out raereinhartz.blog/services to find out more!

3. Understanding what the differences are with common viral illnesses/conditions, also being aware of the symptoms and issues attributed to each.

  • Pnemonia -Caused by bacteria / viruses and a combination of weak lungs & immune system. Symptoms:
  • Influenza
  • Flu
  • Cold

Sociological trends of Psychopathy & Narcissism

This has been a topic I’m fully aware of and have been observing, researching from a personal POV to a collective sociological perspective.

I have a thorough background in psychology as well as Astrology and I continue to incorporate mental health and psychology into traditional medical astrology theories to contribute to the holistic therapy fields which has been demonstrated by many therapists /astrologers throughout the years.

There’s many professors, social science scholars and professionals that have written about their theories of mental abnormalities manifesting from sociological conditioning and pop culture trends. As the youngest generations of society today further the extreme dependency on technology for interaction, the horrors and potential worse case scenarios of these abnormalities will begin to become mainstream.

So if you’ve noticed too the trendy psychology today articles about ‘toxic people’ ‘dating a psychopath’ ‘narcissistic mothers /spouses’ that is the confirmation that it’s definitely beyond mainstream, so what does this mean?

Well as it becomes more conditioned, cases and clinical diagnosis’ will become more common and although anyone can read psychology today or Google symptoms of these behavioral abnormalities nobody is addressing the ramifications of these personalities in a “group think” scenario. Until now…

Here’s some of my previous published youtube videos discussing this escalating sociological nightmare…

(Links below I’ll insert the video html later)

The Rise of Psychopathy in Society

The Age of Aquarius; An Epidemic of Psychopathy & Narcissism

Psychopathy in Astrology (Examining Serial Killer’s birth charts)

Also here’s some additional Vlogs & lectures on Astropsychoanalysis and Astrotheology with mental health.

Uranus with Mental Health & Trauma

Preface Astropsychology book by Rae Reinhartz

TransitTalk Psychosis caused by Neptune Jupiter opposition

I’m sure more will be added to this entry in the future. =)

Health Horoscope for January 2018! (IMPORTANT)

Check out the lastest #TransitTalk by Chaos Astrologer Rae Reinhartz. Pandemics, Outbreaks and possibly deaths from weak immune systems and viruses.

Confirmed Reports related;

Deaths from Romaine Lettuce 

Dad fights for his life after ignoring flu symptoms, family says

2018 flu season; worse outbreak in living memory

AbcNews; Above average doctor visits from flu epidemic

Dallas flu outbreak expected to get worse

Flu season full-blast

27 people younger than 65 have died of the flu in California since October…
Saturn Pluto in Capricorn
Neptune Chiron in Pisces
And.. Chiron is set to transit into Aries soon..while Uranus is still finishing up in Aries.

The flu and influenza deadly global outbreak of 1918…ya here we go again.

Important info.
1. Medical professionals are unsure of the “effectiveness” of the flu vaccines *THIS YEAR* (eye roll)

2. Acute symptoms usually last from 5 to 10 days but typically it takes nearly 3-4 WEEKS to purge the virus, meaning although symptoms seem less severe and you may feel better. Everyone is susceptible to sudden LIFE THREATENING conditions at any point in time during the contaminated period.

3. Overall wellness and immune systems are different from person to person, but even the most healthy people need to take ALL PRECAUTIONS antibiotics whether prescription (which is highly advisable with how aggressive this will get) or herbal equivalents should be utilized.

4. IF you opt to use the herbal natural treatments START THEM NOW even if you’re not sick. Homeopathy and herbalore treatments are not the recommended remedy for SEVERE INTERVENTION.

For those who follow my vlogs and homeopathic tutorials hang tight I’m gonna do a special discussion on this follow my Chaos Astrology page or follow my blog on WordPress raereinhartz.blog to get latest published content and info. And if anyone needs tinctures or tea mixes don’t hesitate to email me for ordering. Raereinhartz@gmail.com

anyone interestedin an Astrodiagnostic consultation to know what best alternative remedies and treatments are ideal for your astroarchtype contact Rae to schedule a consultation today!

(Also for and returning or potential future clients seeking astro medical consultations; keeping records of dates and times for conditions/symptoms/illnesses is IMPORTANT and extremely useful for the most accurate consult.)

And here’s one of my PREVIOUS predictions about a viral pandemic or outbreak happening in 2018.

#transit talk Scorpio Jupiter; viruses/disease killing horses.

Oct 16 2017; horses killed by west nile

According to the Cayuga County Health Department, a horse at the southern end of the county died from West Nile Virus.

Dec 27 2017; Deadly Virus Kills 7 Horses (King County WA)

Gold Creek Equine Center in Woodinville is dealing with an outbreak of the Equine Herpesvirus Type 1, or EHV-1 – a strain that doesn’t respond to vaccines.

Neptune trine Jupiter; cognitive-dissonance  exaggerated & now destructive. 2017 – 2018

Stories attached

Bill passed banning bulletproof glass

SJW shouts on disney ride

Latest relative events October 2018


#Saturn has officially entered #Capricorn! (December 19 2017)

MarsDay December 19, 2017 the Lord of time, Saturn has now finished in Sagittarius and is now in Capricorn.

Chaos Astrology’s prediction for the USA mundane horoscope; feat. Saturn in Capricorn 2017-2020

For anyone who has Saturn in Sagittarius for their birthchart I’m sure you’ve been counting down this day just as much as I have, and for myself now it’s time to get serious.

(Video sourced from a livestream I did discussing upcoming transit events I am working on and just a #plutonianconfessions theraptuic session of what’s going on collectively).

And for those who have their natal Saturn in Capricorn you maybe asking yourself what does this exactly mean for me?

An educational vlog (now in the works) will be an addition to this post and avaliable for free on my youtube or facebook (either one I’ll link it here so you can find it.) about the general attributes of Saturn in Capricorn collectively but unfortunately due to the variables in each individual birth chart it is not possibly to attribute generalizations to an individual because house rulers and the major aspect patterns contribute to how saturn impacts your chart.

As an Astrologcial counselor I offer extensive analysis & talk-therapy sessions/services for those with challenging Saturn signatures. I offer saturn return PDF reports, transit calendars and diagnostic consultations. Interested in a report or a reading?

 Click here to see what you can expect with a reading from Chaos Astrology!

Also don’t forget to check out my youtube channel for Astrology 101 lectures I’ve got quite a few on Saturn; such as this one,

 The Dynamic of the Self & Saturn

#Amtrak #Seattle Accident (Plutonian Confessions)

Due to the ongoing astrosociological effects of the #mutableyears nastiest transit aspect Neptune (in Pisces) square Saturn (in Sagittarius) it’s hard to find accurate information, whether that be literal statistics of said events, legitament eye-witness interviews or any sort of accuracy at all. The intense mental instability and chronic sociological neurosis that continues to worsen has made it nearly impossible for people to use any remnants of common sense, logic and objectivity. Not to mention the psychotic ideations, toxic mentalities being conditioned on a mainstream level, it’s has now come to a point where I feel the NEED to over-analyze the actual sources of the information about potential mundane events. That being said there are two possible scenarios for the derailment of the 501 Amtrak Seattle-Portland speed-train,

1, Negligence on behalf of the Amtrak crew and operational staff

2. Antifa successfully executing malicious destruction of property leading to the train tracks themselves being unstable.

Here are all the links that I am thoroughly reviewing along with charts; I will include a transittalk vlog here as well once I have reached my conclusions

OregonLive Everton Bailey

NTSB press conference

Train Engineer feat. King581 MPH Amtrak Train Crash (The Disturbing Facts That Will Creep You Out)

Antifa Gets RAIDED After Train Derailment

Panicked ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia After Derailment