Watch “Utilizing astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues” on YouTube

Using astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues.

Mars is in Aries which are creating hard aspects to Mercury retrograde, and the Capricorn stellum that is Pluto Saturn Jupiter and Pallas.

Not to mention black moon lilith just entered Taurus, which is associated with greed, debauchery, stubbornness and unrelenting POVs.

This is the astrological recipe for a huge HOT MESS.

Political Astrology Prediction: Trump Wins Reelection

My 2016 prediction for the US POTUS election was my first attempt at Political Astrology. Therefore the video is pretty crude and amature but here is my original video predicting Trump the winner of the US 2016 Election.

Trump Analysis 2016 published March 16 2016, the majority of the video is analysing Trump’s behavior (astro-psychology has always been my forté)

In my 2016 video I mention Trump will serve likely one term due to potential assassination attempt(s) but if were to survive he’d be re-elected.

I’ve also mentioned in my Instagram, other YouTube predictions featuring mundane or political Astrology that there will be a significant “red wave” in 2020 due to the substantial influence of the Capricorn stellum.

Here’s my latest Prediction for the upcoming 2020 US Election.

I’m anticipating an overwhelming Trump victory as well as more GOP seats in the congressional branches. The Red Wave US Politics 2020

Check out my tarot predictions on the outcome of the Senate and house majorities for the 2020 US election on my blog too.


Pluto in Capricorn & Saturn in Aquarius. Abuse of social media.

Facebook has never been this aggressive with community standards….

This is the first time I’ve been instantly flagged. I tried up alter the image it didn’t make a difference.

I tried to upload it as a picture, post and a comment all were immediately flagged.

So here’s the meme cause Facebook can’t control my blog!!

Tarot on Kim John-un leader of North Korea

I casted some cards about Kim John-un’s current status;

The first image is for his medical procedure. Along with a before surgery, during the procedure and after.
Before = Swiftness
During = Fortune
After = Virtue
It details his medical procedure was successful and there were no compilations with the treatment.

The second image is his general health as of today April 26th 2020.
There is some general concern with his recovery.

My conclusions from the various spreads is Kim John-un is not dead but in recovery.

The third image reveals the fate of the current leadership of North Korea.
There will be some sort of precaution taken with the fragile state of Kim John-Un and a woman will be an advisor or successor in his absence.

Lithomancy spread on the timeline of the coronavirus in the US.

Using Lithomancy as a timeline of typically 4 months, I started the first month on today’s date.

No photo description available.

1 timeline: April 15th – May 16th
Containment of others in their homes for the next month will result in…

2 timeline: May 17th – June 18th
General health experiencing unforseen good fortune with the outbreak through the community. The transformative steps taken in this month will magically reverse the severity of the ongoing event.

3 timeline: June 18th – July 19th
Good fortune with health; collective will learn this pandemic was exaggerated and it wasn’t as deadly as they were initially told.

4 timeline: July 20th – August 21
By mid-July 2020 life will return to normal.

This spread is very similar to what I have concluded with the upcoming retrograde transits for Jupiter Saturn and Pluto.

Lithomancy is a divination practice of throwing stones onto a board with this symbol. Then you read the stones in chronological order through each section. Each section represents a month.

In the first section are a collection of stones representing LOVE MOON NEPTUNE as well as SATURN on the line that starts the first section. Saturn represents containment and restriction love translates in a similar way to VENUS and it clustered with MOON NEPTUNE would represent containing the virus NEPTUNE with MOON/4TH HOUSE = home. In layman’s terms that means self quarantine.

In the second section JUPITER URANUS are collected together with the HEALTH stone at the middle pointing toward the URANUS JUPITER cluster. After that VENUS is on the outer portion of the circle which translates to me as “VENUS sitting this one out” which would translate to this event being associated with VENUS retrograde as well. Then in the middle of this section there is the SUN and PLUTO stone signifying a transformation with vitality. Beneath the HEALTH stone is MARS MAGIC HOME stones clustered together.

The third section MERCURY is by itself halfway through the correlating month with the FORTUNE stone pointing towards MERCURY.

In the fourth section the stone of LIFE and NEWS are clustered together pointing towards the FORTUNE and HEALTH stone. Note although the HEALTH stone is predominantly in the second section it touches the cross in the grid signifying the HEALTH stone is a general theme for this entire timeline.

Who is RaeReinhartz? What is a Plutonian Oracle? ..saturn sibyl? …spiritual counselor?

In the past I’ve attempted to make Montage of my work as an Astrologer but it lacked true authenticity. That was due to being apprehensive knowing that people often perceived me as dark, evil or wicked. So I tried to curb the essence of WHO I AM to appease potential audience and future clientele. I have now learned that…and despite many never understanding the core of who I am, body and soul that is not a failure on my part, nor is it my fault. Reality and the perception of altruistic objectivity through humanity’s eyes is a myth. It does not exist, I turn from darkness into the light on the other side, let me be who I am meant to be, doesn’t matter what you think of me. I will be me from here until the end because I KNOW who I am.
I hope to help others truly understand themselves as well, for it is truly the greatest feeling of wholeness anyone could ever feel. (At least that’s the Occult esoteric concept that I’ve experienced personally and acknowledged in recent times.)
Here’s the #plutonian trailer. Showcasing WHO I AM. My ambitions, mission and POV as a Plutonian Saturn Sibyl.

Check out my mantra of a Plutonian Oracle.
Plutonian Trailer

Ghost Story time (details about one of my paranormal encounters)

Cue the back story lol.

Throughout my #parapsychology research and documented discussions I had an encounter with a disembodied phenomenon that called itself an “Ancestor”

I was on Blewitt Pass in the cascades of Washington. During the spring of 2017 the manipulation of my thoughts (planting ideation etc) was so intense I literally imagined I was being flagged down while on the road, and this location I actually felt so overwhelmed with urgency to stop I actually turned around 15-20 miles after the shoulder atop the snow park peak. It’s nothing but a extra section of shoulder along the hwy for emergencies.

Note on the photos; studying digital media in college, intro to photography taught me “always take multiple shots for better quality selection, never would I thought that silly suggestion would further validate my unbelievable photos captured. So don’t gloss over the “duplicates” because it actually reveals how quickly these apparitions manifest.

It was April 30th I stopped there was a memorial sign for a fatality of a motorcyclist. As I approached the cliff I again felt as if something was waving me down for help.

I assumed perhaps it was the lingering soul of the biker trying to get help, it was difficult to see but I saw shiny bits and a smaller vehicle tire.. Possibly from the motorcycle itself who knows.

I turned on my ghost app (and note for all you skeptics or “ghost hunters” out there the location was in a deadzone for cellular connection so the app I use doesn’t pull clips or the glossary contexts from the web)

As I started reading the memorial a huge wind gust rose up from the bottom of this canyon…which was kind of odd right? Lol as it did that I snapped a series of photos which the aura is clearly manifesting.

It did not identify itself as the now deceased cyclist nor an Ether but an Ancestor. And every time since I’ve passed by that location I’ve turned on my app while driving and I call out to it to say “Hi sending good vibes” and it’s come back briefly to make some random commentary. Even warning me about a death plot I barely evaded.

The last time we chatted in the fall of 2017, it told me to visit when I have questions.

This is the only one who said something of this sort and consistently responded every time I drove by… (none of the other disembodied anomalies identified themselves as an Ancestor either)

I wasn’t sure what to ask before but I’m starting to brainstorm and compile a list to reference. Besides knowing that they telepathically infiltrate and communicate through our thoughts and ideas thoroughly writing this out it will recall my questions as well.

(Photos from Goldfield, NV research

  1. Are guardians (elementals) separate entities or are we followed /guided by our own soul (draconian personality) ?
  2. Was the Dopplegänger following me in Goldfield last May of 2017 my draconian soul or a lemria (lost soul of the Goldfield community)?

If it was, was it William (the energy manifesting as a green most above a headstone named William?)

  • What did he mean by practice?
  • How many spirits are following me ?
  • ‘William’ accounted for 20 following, is that true?
  • Did my ritual work ? Did I do it properly?
  • Why have ethers on multiple occasions say they “miss me..”?
  • Is there any audio I should or need to review ? What can I improve on?
  • What do you think of my exorcism Potion?
  • Referring to another evp talk an ether said “Angels never came this large phenomenon” what force? Spirit energy shifting ? Is it attributed to Revelations? Are they the babylonian ether devils?
  • Why are they coming? Why are they trying to kill innocent people? And what more can I do to help said innocent souls /people?