#Amtrak #Seattle Accident (Plutonian Confessions)

Due to the ongoing astrosociological effects of the #mutableyears nastiest transit aspect Neptune (in Pisces) square Saturn (in Sagittarius) it’s hard to find accurate information, whether that be literal statistics of said events, legitament eye-witness interviews or any sort of accuracy at all. The intense mental instability and chronic sociological neurosis that continues to worsen has made it nearly impossible for people to use any remnants of common sense, logic and objectivity. Not to mention the psychotic ideations, toxic mentalities being conditioned on a mainstream level, it’s has now come to a point where I feel the NEED to over-analyze the actual sources of the information about potential mundane events. That being said there are two possible scenarios for the derailment of the 501 Amtrak Seattle-Portland speed-train,

1, Negligence on behalf of the Amtrak crew and operational staff

2. Antifa successfully executing malicious destruction of property leading to the train tracks themselves being unstable.

Here are all the links that I am thoroughly reviewing along with charts; I will include a transittalk vlog here as well once I have reached my conclusions

OregonLive Everton Bailey

NTSB press conference

Train Engineer feat. King581 MPH Amtrak Train Crash (The Disturbing Facts That Will Creep You Out)

Antifa Gets RAIDED After Train Derailment

Panicked ANTIFA Website Deletes Article About Sabotaging Train Tracks in Olympia After Derailment

Live Reading by Chaos Astrology (diagnostic consultation)

Highlighting my astrological counseling style to give you an idea of what to expect in a consultation with Chaos Astrology. (Thanks to my client Carolyn for volunteering to be my example).


Coconut Oil chocolates recipe

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A new spin on my coconut oil chocolates. I added coconut sweet biscuits and almonds to make it sort of like a waffer chocolate candy bar.

Who said sweet can’t be healthy! Ya ya the sugar is still there but the biscuits have fiber, the almonds too and protein!

Not to mention there was generous amounts of coconut oil infuised.

Alternative to fudge recipes too.

Just look up the benefits of consuming coconut oil and you’ll love this! The Christmas tree cookie sheet I got a big lots super cheap. Affordable treat and coconut shavings work well as toppings or texture the chocolate tastes like an almond joy!

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Astrology 101: chart basics

-Share some knowledge of basic chart interpretations. It’s often that people overlook the birth chart wheel itself and fixate on the dignities (the ruling signs of planets) this presents a huge blind spot for astropsychoanalysis and makes it more challenging to understand transit events in relations to an individual. So here’s some hand made posters on my wall I figured would be useful to share =)


Self & Soul; the yin & yang

Random slideshow from my automatic writing notes.

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Showcasing my claircognizance-psychic mojo! (Sibyl Resume)


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