Watch “Utilizing astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues” on YouTube

Using astrology & divination for Aries Mars transit issues.

Mars is in Aries which are creating hard aspects to Mercury retrograde, and the Capricorn stellum that is Pluto Saturn Jupiter and Pallas.

Not to mention black moon lilith just entered Taurus, which is associated with greed, debauchery, stubbornness and unrelenting POVs.

This is the astrological recipe for a huge HOT MESS.


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Lithomancy spread on the timeline of the coronavirus in the US.

Using Lithomancy as a timeline of typically 4 months, I started the first month on today’s date.

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1 timeline: April 15th – May 16th
Containment of others in their homes for the next month will result in…

2 timeline: May 17th – June 18th
General health experiencing unforseen good fortune with the outbreak through the community. The transformative steps taken in this month will magically reverse the severity of the ongoing event.

3 timeline: June 18th – July 19th
Good fortune with health; collective will learn this pandemic was exaggerated and it wasn’t as deadly as they were initially told.

4 timeline: July 20th – August 21
By mid-July 2020 life will return to normal.

This spread is very similar to what I have concluded with the upcoming retrograde transits for Jupiter Saturn and Pluto.

Lithomancy is a divination practice of throwing stones onto a board with this symbol. Then you read the stones in chronological order through each section. Each section represents a month.

In the first section are a collection of stones representing LOVE MOON NEPTUNE as well as SATURN on the line that starts the first section. Saturn represents containment and restriction love translates in a similar way to VENUS and it clustered with MOON NEPTUNE would represent containing the virus NEPTUNE with MOON/4TH HOUSE = home. In layman’s terms that means self quarantine.

In the second section JUPITER URANUS are collected together with the HEALTH stone at the middle pointing toward the URANUS JUPITER cluster. After that VENUS is on the outer portion of the circle which translates to me as “VENUS sitting this one out” which would translate to this event being associated with VENUS retrograde as well. Then in the middle of this section there is the SUN and PLUTO stone signifying a transformation with vitality. Beneath the HEALTH stone is MARS MAGIC HOME stones clustered together.

The third section MERCURY is by itself halfway through the correlating month with the FORTUNE stone pointing towards MERCURY.

In the fourth section the stone of LIFE and NEWS are clustered together pointing towards the FORTUNE and HEALTH stone. Note although the HEALTH stone is predominantly in the second section it touches the cross in the grid signifying the HEALTH stone is a general theme for this entire timeline.

#Mercury #Retrograde in #Leo (July 26th – Aug 19th 2018)

Check out Rae’s latest YouTube discussion on the upcoming mercury retrograde starting July 26th 2018.


Video link below

Mercury Rx TransitTalk by Rae Reinhartz Chaos Astrologer


#mercury #mercuryretrograde #rx #leo #astrology #predictions #psychic #astrologer #RaeReinhartz official #transittalk for the upcoming transit forecast.


Shadow ‘period’ began July 8 2018

– Stationary begins July 25th 2018

– Retrograde begins July 26th 2018

– Stationary Part2 begins Aug 18th 2018

– Mercury goes DIRECT on Aug 19 2018

How to Survive the Flu (Influenza Pandemic eta 2018-2021)

How to survive the deadly flu season of 2017-2018.

1. Nutrition and Vitamins are #1 defense

  • Vitamin A (overall immune booster)
  • Vitamin E (lung/respiratory health best way to prevent developing any type of Pnemonia)
  • Iron (diet or supplements) key to fighting infection & inflammation.
  • Vitamin C (also hot water, lemon / citrus drinks 3-4 cups daily for about 4-5 weeks)
  • (recommended) Zinc, calcium, natural salts, echinacea
  • Garlic capsules, raw garlic, garlic soup infusions etc etc. (Garlic, Ginger, Echinacea & Goldenseal are herbal antibiotic alternatives.

NOTE: (Tips /Recommendations/Cautions)

  • Goldenseal effective for purfiying/purging viral bacteria but is NOT recommended for daily or frequent consumption. Garlic is your safest bet!
  • Avoid consuming citrus /lemon teas or drinks when taking Zinc supplements, the citrus (a natural detox) flushes out the zinc and the body absorbs substantially less

2. Being aware of your overall wellness (what’s typical /normal for you, every person’s body is different.)

  • Understanding the risk factors with any preexisting conditions or health deficiencies that make one susceptible to viruses / unhealthy conditions etc.
  • Recognizing red flags /symptoms whether acute, chronic or longterm is crucial to fighting off illness and combating aggressive contagious viruses.
  • Documenting (recording progression of condition) symptoms, ailments & problems.

(Obviously not everyone is as aware of their health history to this level of detail, for those who would be interested in inquiring about medical astrology diagnostic consultation to learn more about yourself, overall health/function of your body, potential predispositions, life long health challenges along with nutritional & homeopathic recommendations customized for YOU! Check out to find out more!

3. Understanding what the differences are with common viral illnesses/conditions, also being aware of the symptoms and issues attributed to each.

  • Pnemonia -Caused by bacteria / viruses and a combination of weak lungs & immune system. Symptoms:
  • Influenza
  • Flu
  • Cold

Showcasing my claircognizance-psychic mojo! (Sibyl Resume)


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